For today, the second last day of the Great 2016 Photo Challenge, the word of the day was BLUE: Aught-OH! Seems the poindexters at Georgia Tech (editor’s note: hey! I resemble that remark!) have updated the T.A.R.D.I.S. Playing on the theme of “blue”, the point of this picture is to imagine what the good Dr’s … Continue reading Blue


Today’s Photo Challenge word was AMBIVALENT, and the shots were selected to tell a photojournalistic story of wealth vs. decay: These images were captured using a photojournalism style called commentary, where the photographer develops 2-3 photographs, each with a strong message, to tell a specific story. The first photo in this series is a picture … Continue reading Ambivalent

Snidely Whiplash

Today’s Photo Challenge word was PLATE. And somehow that led Robbie to an attempt on the life of Canadia. He thinks this set of pictures will come with no retribution, but he has been informed otherwise. In fact, the cops who detained him for questioning, when it turned out he was taking pictures on private … Continue reading Snidely Whiplash