July 2018 PotM

This month’s* picture of the month is an exercise in long/timed exposure: to take a picture like this you’ll need to do a little planning and a little math, and have a little extra equipment on hand. In my case, my subject was a picture of Dunwoody, GA taken from inside a hotel room and at night. Read on for more information about how you can create a picture under these conditions!

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June 2018 PotM

Welcome to a new feature for my site! On the eleventy-first of each month I’ll update the content throughout my site, so you can see my latest work. Each month I’ll also select a Picture of the Month (PotM) and tell you more about it.*

For my first entry I’ve selected this study in perspective: a picture of an office building in Atlanta where I’ve combined traditional black & white photography with modern digital effects to create a hybrid piece with a faux ink or watercolour feel. Continue reading “June 2018 PotM”


For today, the second last day of the Great 2016 Photo Challenge, the word of the day was BLUE: Aught-OH! Seems the poindexters at Georgia Tech (editor’s note: hey! I resemble that remark!) have updated the T.A.R.D.I.S. Playing on the theme of “blue”, the point of this picture is to imagine what the good Dr’s … Continue reading Blue


Today’s Photo Challenge word was AMBIVALENT, and the shots were selected to tell a photojournalistic story of wealth vs. decay: These images were captured using a photojournalism style called commentary, where the photographer develops 2-3 photographs, each with a strong message, to tell a specific story. The first photo in this series is a picture … Continue reading Ambivalent