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Born & raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Robert Montgomery (or Robbie, as he is known to friends), began taking pictures at the age of 10, when his uncle gave him a camera for his birthday. And he hasn’t looked back since.

DSC00104-by-RuthSchooled at Oriel College, Oxford, he spent the Bush & Clinton years in the UK, perfecting the art of being an artist, and refining his skills in the art of painting with light. These days he lives with his partner, Ruth, in Atlanta, and continues with those skills at the core, branching out from still life, fine art, & abstract work to street photography, figure studies, and whatever old-fangled invention captures his attention.

He has work hanging in galleries and homes worldwide, including Kensington Palace in London, and at the Guggenheim in New York. Also, one time he took pictures of Billy Idol. And another time the BBC hired him to take pictures on the set of Dr. Who. Your true colours will show when you decide which of those things is the coolest.

Self in glass reflection

Robbie prides himself on mastering light and perspective, and making photographs that expose beauty in ordinary places; he is one of only a handful of artists, worldwide, who have mastered the Zone system, and adapted it for use with digital photography. The result is the vibrancy and depth of colour he brings to life in his work.

Robbie is most at home when he has a camera in his hands and a view-finder in front of his face, but he occasionally joins the rest of the world long enough to offer insight to would-be photographers by teaching a class at the local library, or joining in with a photography class at a local college.

For Robbie, his camera is like oxygen, and his pictures are his life’s blood.

Primary Picture-Makers
Penelope –
Asahi Pentax 6×7 with Multi-coated Takumar 6×7 & SMC Pentax 67 lenses (120 6x7cm format, film)
Mort – Mamiya M645 1000S with Mamiya Sekor lenses (120 6×4.5cm format, film)
Connie – Konica Auto-Reflex T with Konica Hexanon AR EE lenses (35mm film)
Chuck – Konica Auto-Reflex T3 with Konica Hexanon AR EE lenses (35mm film)
Ollie – Olympus E3 with Zuiko lenses (digital, DSLR)

Old-Timey, Occasional Use Camera
Bert  – Busch Pressman Model D 4×5 with Wollensak Raptar & Kodak Ektar lenses (3.25″x4″ large format, film)

Retired as a Paperweight
Film (35mm): Pentax Spotmatic SP with a single 35/3.5 Super-Takumar lens

Digital Darkroom
Raw converter: Phase One Capture 10
Editing: DxO OpticsPro 10, FilmPack 5, and ViewPoint 2, Adobe Photoshop CC v19, Google NIK Suite, ON1-FX

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Robert, enjoyed talking with you at the Atlanta Botanical parking lot and enjoyed your web site. The photo challenge is great, water fountain outstanding. Hope to see you at an SPS event. Maybe you can be a guest speaker.


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